Nano Double-sided Magic Adsorption Tape - Transparent

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Multifunctional Nano tape indoor outdoor tools



The nano-adhesive tape is a reusable double-sided tape made of special material that can be repeatedly pasted and will not leave any residue on the product when it is peeled off.


Nano tape advantages:

    1. The nano-adhesive tape can be moved and pasted at random (800-1000 repeated pastes of nano-adhesive tape). Unlike traditional tape, it can not be used after use, and it can not be removed very well.

    2, can be moved, leaving no traces (when it is removed, it will not leave any glue on the product). In the past, we always worry about porcelain. If we use less force, we will not be able to expose it. If it is too hard, it will damage the product. Now Nano-adhesive tape greatly reduces a lot of trouble;

    3, environmental protection, you can use with confidence;

    4, nano-adhesive viscosity can be adjusted (adhesive strength is divided into high viscosity, medium viscosity, low viscosity and ultra-low viscosity) can be customized according to customer requirements for different viscosities;

    5, that is, open, that is sticky, easy to use, non-toxic, no equipment;

    6. The nano-adhesive tape can be washed with water. When there is dust or other dirt on the surface, it can be washed with clean water, and the original sticky effect is maintained after drying.

    7, The nano-adhesive tape can be used on most materials: such as wood, marble, plastic, glass, cloth, paper, metal and other materials;

The use of nano-adhesive tape:

    Industry: mobile phone holster stickers, protective sleeves, navigation bracket stickers, removable outdoor advertising stickers, removable paper, food packaging, cosmetics set temporary fixed stickers, electronic product packaging, small household appliances packaging, car advertising stickers, auto parts fixed , PCB assembly, touch screen bonding, mobile phone fixing, removable label stickers, etc.

    Civil use: no trace hooks, stickers, anti-slip mats, label stickers, billboards, crafts, toy stickers, removable refrigerator stickers, toilet seats, wedding car decoration stickers, photo wall decoration, glass explosion-proof stickers, jewelry fixed stickers, bathroom accessories Fixed stickers, removable wood floors, removable wallpaper, door and window assembly, tool paste, and more.


Main Features:
●Both sides have super long-lasting adhesion, can stick things, used as a storage tool
● Good adhesion can hang heavy items, no need to worry about item falling
● Customers can cut the tape to the required length, which is very convenient
● After using the tape, it can be reused after washing, and the stickiness will not change
● Torn off after use will not leave marks on the surface of the item, and will not affect the use of the item
● Nanometer material, suitable for a variety of material surfaces, paste is very strong
● The tape itself is very tough and can be stretched without affecting the effect



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