Bone Conduction Glasses

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Bone conduction is a cool trick. When a vibrating tuning fork is held to your temple, you can hear the tone without there actually being a sound.

But that science/music classroom trick is taking a big step: a new bone-induction headphone technology.

Instead of speakers, it places two tiny motors on either side of your skull, which sends vibrations through bone and comes out as sound in your ears.

The sound can come from any broadcasting Bluetooth device.

It's not terribly far off from how sound travels anyway, but instead of using air as the conducting material, it uses your actual skull. And that means it's barely audible unless the motors are pressed against something.

This High-Technology, brand new Bone-Conduction Headphones Polarized Sunglasses has made its presence in the tech universe and has absolutely changed the way we look and build headphones that put the consumers experience first thing in mind. It allows you to listen to music WITHOUT having to plug anything into your ears. This makes it possible to relax on the beach or walk on a sunny day and prevent from ultraviolet rays but enjoy the music in a new fashionable way or carry on with daily tasks whilst enjoying your music or tunes from the headphones!




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