6 Reasons why you should buy a portable air conditioner

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6 Reasons why you should buy a portable air conditioner


Are you bored of your outdated window AC? Is your split AC not cooling properly? If you want to beat the sweltering heat of the summer, then this is what you are looking for. A mini portable air conditioner can go a long way in keeping you cool and refreshed at any given place. Most of these are Eco-friendly, energy efficient, and result in lower energy bills than window models, which only cool one room. You can carry it to your bedroom or living room according to your convenience. Make sure that you use it to cool only a specific area otherwise it may not be that effective.



Carry it to your bedroom at night for a sound refreshing sleep or bring it back to the living room if you want to relax at other times of the day.


Cost effective

Most of the other AC’s are expensive and if you are looking for something that will suit your wallet, then portable ac’s are highly convenient. They use a competent auto-evaporative technology which decreases electricity costs.


Hassle free

Portable ac’s cut the need for more window units. Its high-performance contaminant plus odor filters are washable as well as replaceable.


Fast cooling

The air conditioner uses natural evaporative cooling technology to lower temperatures, by passing air over a water-soaked cartridge made of natural inorganic nanofibers. The automatic functions will remind you when it's time to change the cartridge. Cooling starts quickly and within minutes you will enjoy the chillness in the air.


Stylish designs

These portable AC’s look really compact and neat and come with stylish designs that  also brightens up your interiors.


Social Responsibility

Most air conditioners function by means of hydrofluorocarbons (or HFCs), which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions that slowly destroy the Earth's ozone layer. These devices are also powered by electricity that's (more often than not) gained from burning fossil fuels. So as summers get hotter, carbon emissions from heavier AC usage will spike — and 12% of total energy expenditures in the US come from home air conditioning as it is.  

No matter how many times Trump calls “Fake News” on climate change, we have to face it — our planet is warmer than ever. Carbon emissions, greenhouse gasses, irresponsible energy consumption, and natural resource extraction methods are all major threats to our home planet’s well-being.  

And we hate to break to you — no planet means no us. If that doesn’t concern you at all, it really should.

While employing good recycling practices and avoiding driving a Hummer to work every day can certainly help, we can (and should) be making better choices about the products we use.

 Few Specifications :

Weight                           :  945 gms

Power                            : 8w

Water Tank                    : 450 ml

Air Volume                     : 7 m/s

Power Interface             : 100-240V , 50-60hz



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